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Stories of Hope

Discover the journeys of resilience and hope through real patients at New Hope Children’s Clinic, where we shed light on the human side of healthcare.

The Pattons

Meet the Pattons. Adrian and Julie received a phone call two years ago that changed their lives. Mr. Patton’s 37-year-old sister, a single mom, passed away, leaving her four sons with nowhere to go. Relying on their faith, they agreed to care for the boys, ages 2, 8, 14 & 15, who are now patients of the NHCC. The youngest has developmental delays and requires additional services, yet he is making great strides and will soon go to preschool. The older brothers excel in school. The high schoolers are dual enrolled in college classes and working to save money for their own cars. These boys receive the love and care they need from the Pattons, and our doctors are honored to provide for their medical needs.

Xane had to delay his routine childhood vaccines. Doctors knew something was wrong when he came in for a sick visit. He’d had a fever for a few days, but on this day, he woke up with a fever, swollen glands, and his coloring was off. Pediatricians found that he also had an enlarged spleen and liver. Xane was sent to Huntsville Hospital for Women and Children. He was diagnosed that same day with Leukemia. Xane was in Memphis at St. Jude’s Hospital that night. Fast forward, after two years of chemotherapy, he was cancer-free. However, Xane and his siblings still couldn’t get their childhood vaccines to fight against illnesses like polio, rubella, mumps, and measles. These vaccines are live viruses and couldn’t be introduced to Xane’s still-compromised immune system. Xane and his two sisters were finally able to get those vaccines. Today, Xane is active and lives a normal healthy life.